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The white elephant gift exchange is one of the most hilarious celebrations you can have during the holidays. White elephant gift exchanges are a fun way to celebrate the holidays.

In the past, guests would arrive with gifts that were wrapped. The facilities are not intended for anyone; no one can know from whom they came.

You can probably guess that some guests will leave with gifts they love while others might feel stuck with something less than ideal. You agree to this when you take part.

Many participants choose gifts that are more funny than helpful. It can become a competition to see who gets the most (or the least) desired skill.

Choosing the perfect “not-gift” for a holiday gift exchange can be challenging.

Here’s a guide on how to give funny and valuable gifts. We’ll start with some tips on participating in a white elephant gift exchange.

White elephants: How they work

While there are many variations of the white elephant gift exchange, they all follow a similar basic process:

Everyone brings a gift that is wrapped.

The participants draw numbers to determine who gets the gift first. You can choose order by age, birth month, height, etc.

Everyone can now see the first gift.

The second player must decide whether to open the gift that has already been opened or steal it.

The game proceeds, with a cap on how many gifts can be “stolen” before the participant takes advantage of themselves.

The person who chose the first gift will also be the last to receive any remaining gifts.

You’re stuck with the gift you got at the end of your turn.

White Elephant Gift Exchange: Tips and tricks for hosting the event

Although the procedure is pretty standard, anyone who hosts a white-elephant gift exchange can set up a few guidelines or rules for their event. Here are some tips for hosting and what you should tell your guests.

Price range What should everyone spend? Price range: What is reasonable for everyone to spend on gifts?

Gifts that are not allowed: You may also inform guests of the types of facilities that they cannot accept, such as alcohol and lottery tickets.

Theme Some people would rather receive practical gifts than funny ones. You may want to inform participants what they can expect before inviting them to your exchange.

Here’s a list of hilarious gift ideas for the white elephant exchange.

Colorful and Themed Socks

There are socks with everything from dinosaurs to video game characters and celebrity faces. You can find ” unsuitable for work ” images if you’re part of a white-elephant gift exchange.

Any themed socks can be a funny and valuable gift to wear with long pants or around the house.

Giant Candy Bar

More significant is indeed better. It is valid for both sweets and white elephant gifts.

You can find sweets in absurdly large sizes at novelty candy stores or online, such as a five-pound bar of chocolate. You can also buy bulk candies.

This gift is funny because of its size. And who wouldn’t like to receive a large amount of candy?

Novelty Food

There is food for everyone. Some foods are… just… unique. Pickle-flavored popcorn will surely tickle some taste buds. Or, everyone’s favorite: a fruitcake for the holidays.

Fruitcake is so bad-reputation that Giftster has already written about it. Read our fruitcake article for more information about why this would make an excellent white elephant gift.

You might discover that one of your family members or friends enjoys candy canes flavored with bacon (yes, they exist).

Infomercial Products

Pick up a few infomercials or “as-seen-on TV” products at your local box store to create some “useful” white elephant gifts.

Stick to your budget for the gift exchange. These items aren’t cheap, so some companies offer easy payment plans of $19.99.

A creative infomercial will lead to a lot of laughter. Maybe the item will be something that they can use.

Gift Cards that are Wrapped in a Beautiful Way

Like most good jokes, this funny white elephant gift is all about delivery.

Wrap a group of gift certificates or a gift card in wacky ways. This is a great way to keep your budget in check and have fun with the group.

You can use glitter, reused horeusedift bags, and lots of tape. The gift keeps on giving, as they create a mess before reaching the tiny gift card.

This gift will be most entertaining for anyone who watches it.

Questionable Artwork

Singing fish? Leg lamp? A framed printout of Michelangelo’s famous nude Renaissance statue, The David? Check, check, and check again.

It’s hilarious when someone displays a piece of absurd art or decor in their home. Questionable art can also be a great conversation starter for guests.

Why not gift a canvas print of you if you want to be the center of attention and laughs?

Adulting Items

The term “Adulting,” in itself, is enough to make us laugh. Adulting can include paying bills, attending meetings, and being a responsible parent or spouse.

Gather some Adulting checklists or stickers, magnets, or printed memes to add a bit of humor into the world of adulthood. Here are some suggestions:

Adulting To-Do List

How to be a Magnet for Adults

Because Adulting is complex coffee wall art

You might be surprised how many people collect white elephant items, including mortgages and dishwashers.

Bathroom Accessories

Who wouldn’t fight for a toilet nightlight? It sounds so cool to see colored lights coming from the toilet at 3 am.

Nothing beats a white elephant present that’s meant for the bathroom. There are a lot of funny white elephant gift ideas for the bathroom. From toilet timers and poop emoji trinkets to books about potty humor.

These are also universally valuable presents since almost everyone owns a bathroom.

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