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Do you have the responsibility of gifting in your company or office? Do you want to create a lasting impression with the corporate gift you give your employees or clients this holiday season? You may be looking for a way to communicate your brand values uniquely to clients, employees, or referrals. Businesses send gifts for many different reasons. They can be used to show appreciation or as a way to promote their brand.

We are sharing some of our ideas on corporate gifting as you and your colleagues start to plan holiday presents.

What’s hot and what’s not for corporate gifts? Custom-curated gifts are a way for companies to convey brand values and acknowledge and appreciate employees, clients, and referrals. There’s much to fit into one gift, but you can do it!

When sending the right gift to the right person at the perfect time, you can significantly impact your business.

This is our view on corporate gifting in the future and how you can achieve your goals with curated gift design.


Gifts are now more commonly sent to home addresses. Sending corporate donations to the recipient’s house is a great way to connect personally and build a stronger relationship with them. Sending a more personalized and thoughtful gift is a great way to create a more intimate experience.

Gifts sent before and after corporate events

Some corporations prefer to send a corporate gift box instead of a welcome gift at the hotel or upon arrival. This innovative way encourages attendees to RSVP ‘yes!’ to your event.

Sending a carefully designed gift before the event can be a great way to provide travel details, outfit details, or even an itinerary. It can also set the mood and excitement for your event, letting people know what they can expect.

Businesses also send post-event gifts to say ‘thanks for attending.’ Sending a post-event gift, like a meeting or conference, can be a great way to keep your company in mind long after the event ends and attendees return to their daily lives.


Clients are less likely to insist that every item in the client gift box is branded with their logo. They focus on only the gift items that have the most significant impact and make the most business sense. We use our creative judgment to determine which items benefit from branding and which are better left without a logo.

Selecting carefully which items are branded within a design is an effective way to make your brand stand out. It’s also a more cost-effective method of giving than branding everything just for branding. This gives gift curation a polished and personal feel, which we aim for in each curated box.


More than ever, eco-friendly gift bags and boxes are in demand. They also include helpful and sustainable gift content. It is particularly true if the company sending the gift is committed to sustainability and environmental awareness. You can practice what you preach. When you send a present, you want the recipient to be grateful for the gesture. But you also want them to use every item included in the design. Companies value the gift’s creation and ensure that it is filled with more than just filler gifts that will be thrown away shortly after opening the facility. We curate every gift to ensure that it is as waste-free as possible. Each gift is carefully curated to ensure that there is no waste.


In today’s world, corporate gift boxes must include experiential themes. The ultimate goal of corporate marketing is to create memories that will last a lifetime. This can be achieved by creating thoughtful, unexpected experiences and activities. More and more companies aim to get their recipients away from screens and out of the office with a unique experience gift set or custom-curated experience. The possibilities for corporate gift sets themed around adventures are limitless. Gifts with themes like movie night, game night or cooking, gardening, cocktail hours, and fitness are trendy. The ultimate corporate gift is a gift that can be customized to fit the event or company’s values.


Alcohol is a great way to set a celebratory mood and give off a luxury vibe, but only some drink. Restaurants are serving up mocktails and other non-alcoholic beverages that have been thoughtfully created. This trend is also reflected in corporate gift selection. Corporate gifting is trending towards alcohol-adjacent and booze-inspired gift sets. Only some people drink alcohol, and corporations don’t know who does. Then those who drink alcohol can add their own, and those who do not can enjoy a mocktail.


The trend of giving gifts that donate to a particular cause is here to stay. Companies are looking to positively impact both their gift recipients and the larger community. Businesses of all sizes are trying to make a difference with the skills they give to their clients.

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