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It used to be simple to give joke gifts. You buy your uncle an ashtray in the local novelty shop that looks like an idiot. Close the case! The case is closed!

You can find gag gifts for everyone: for family members, bachelorette parties, dog lovers, and even actual dogs.

More options don’t always increase your chances of success. We tend to avoid choices that require us to consider multiple options. It is much easier to ignore over choice than to deal with all the variables that come with choosing just one option.

You may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of “funny” gag gifts available. You may think that you are losing sight of what is funny. You need not worry!

This is your ultimate guide to finding the best gag gifts when sincerity won’t cut it!

Determine why you want to find a joke gift. It’s silly, I know. Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Think about it. Are you looking for a joke gift because you know the recipient will appreciate it, or are your ideas running out when giving a thoughtful and non-ironic gift?

Avoid gag gifts if you are in the second category. When you are trying to build a relationship with someone new, gag gifts can be a bad investment because they don’t have a shared sense of humor. If, however, it’s not a new relationship and you buy a joke gift out of lack of ideas, then your loved one is likely to laugh politely, set it aside, and forget about it in a junk drawer or throw it in the trash as soon as you leave the room. If that is the case, it’s better to swallow your pride and buy a thoughtful gift, such as a personalized one.

It’s better to be cheesy but thoughtful than original but thoughtless.

Inside jokes are the best gag gifts. You can quickly capitalize on these jokes to give gag gifts. You wouldn’t have to! You wouldn’t need to!

You can also choose someone who you know prefers humor to sincerity. Some people have a hard-wired inability to accept sincerity. The fun and happiness of a joke gift is what they are looking for.

How to narrow your options

Before you buy a joke gift, it is essential to have some background information about the recipient. The gag gifts aren’t generic, like a wine bottle or a cutting board. They are tailored by design to the individual.

Consider a brilliant friend. She’s invested in her work and is always in the laboratory. Your friends have probably rubbed her about her prominent display of three diplomas in her living area. This friend would be a good candidate for a fake certificate, mocking her ostentatious and well-earned self-righteousness.

Giving your friend who is a phone addict and Influencer-adjacent the same gift would be illogical. Fake diplomas can even be offensive to those who aren’t college graduates. The best gag gifts are those that capitalize on the part of someone’s personality they have always found humorous. If you know someone who is always on their phone, consider a loud tracking system for the phone or a leash.

The recipient must understand the joke. Keep your marks lighthearted so that the recipient and others can enjoy them. You don’t want to give your friend the most scathing roast you have ever heard. You’ll make your recipient and anyone else watching you feel uncomfortable. This is the sign that a gag gift will fail!

You still want to ensure your friend feels comfortable making fun of their worry. You can still be embarrassed if you give the gift to someone else. You could also go for something fun, like a coloring book with inspirational quotes to boost their spirits.

You don’t have to make fun of someone by giving them the perfect gag. Making everyone laugh and enjoy life without taking themselves seriously is essential. Happy hunting!

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