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Pool party and BBQ in the backyard! Summer is here! Do you feel the ocean and beach calling to you? Refrain from showing up to your next summer soiree empty-handed. You will be rewarded for the thoughtful and festive curated holiday gift boxes you created to celebrate summer. Shop our specially curated summer gift boxes for all your summer parties and gifts.

Summer is here! These great gift boxes are full of summery treats and keepsakes to bring the fun. We’ve curated a list of the best vacation gifts you can get for your host or hostess. You can also send care packages to children away at camp. Or, give thoughtful gifts for summer birthdays. You can give someone a gift this summer for many reasons, including to show them that you care.

Shop our ready-to-ship collection of curated gifts perfect for summertime. Browse our collection of ready-to-ship curated summer gifts.

Refrain from showing up to the neighborhood cookout empty-handed! Browse our collection of curated summer gifts that are ready to ship.


Our “Garden Glam” curated set will encourage the garden-lover in your life to spend more time outdoors this summer. This gardening-themed box was designed for the unapologetic “plant lady.” It is filled with valuable keepsakes, such as seed packets and plant misters, to encourage her love of the garden. This is the perfect gift for garden-loving employees or hosts.

Do you have a friend, co-worker, or family member who needs a little boost this summer? Our “Day Brightener” curated box is here to help! Imagine it as a mood booster in a box. This keepsake is designed to take self-care up a notch. The recipient can light a candle and enjoy a glass of sparkling water while coloring in the new coloring book. This gift is guaranteed to bring you many relaxing days!


Ask any golfer – golf is more than just a game. The ultimate gift for golfers is our “Another Round” curated box. This gift box includes golf balls, a bucket list golf destination book, and other keepsakes. This gift set is perfect for business associates or friends celebrating summer birthdays at the golf course.


Bring our “For The Foodie” themed gift box to the host of your summer party or your vacation. This gift box contains small-batch artisan snacks and treats they can’t find elsewhere. It is also beautiful. This is a thoughtful and memorable way to show your appreciation.


The smell of lemon is a great way to lift your mood and wake up the senses! If you are looking for the perfect hostess or thank-you gift, our “Lovely Lemon” is the best choice. This citrus-themed box has been carefully selected to provide a fresh dose of energy with functional keepsakes such as a lemon bath bomb and a tea towel. This lemon-inspired set will make them think of you even after the sun has gone down.

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