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The gift-giving journey in a blended household can be thrilling, full of possibilities for connection and joy. It may have challenges, but it can also bring about cherished traditions and a feeling of unity. Gift-giving is a shared responsibility in blended families, whether birthdays or random acts, such as Christmas gifts. Each stepfamily has its uniqueness. Today, we share some helpful tips to make gift-giving in a blended family a joyful celebration that brings everyone smiles and strengthens the bonds.

Avoid competition and make giving joyous

It’s essential to remember that even though you and your ex have taken different paths, you are still not enemies. Don’t think of gift-giving as a contest where you try to spend more or outdo your ex. Focus on the actual value of the gifts that you select. Your decisions should be based on their weight, not your past or emotions towards your ex-partner. Create an environment that encourages the spirit of giving gifts.

Give gifts with fairness

Try to give each child a fair gift, regardless of whether they live with you. In this case, what is “fair” has nothing to do with the estate’s price. Children under the age of 10 don’t consider their skills in terms of cost. Being fair with the number of presents or the size of gifts you give is essential. Choose gifts of similar size or provide an equal number.

Avoid duplication wherever possible

Before buying gifts, ask your ex what they will get for the child. If you cannot communicate, ask the children to prepare two Wish Lists. Please encourage them to select different gifts for each home. Keep the receipts to make it easy to exchange gifts if necessary.

Has an impact and needs agreement

Sure, gifts require both parents’ consent. If you want to give your child their first phone, it is essential that you first discuss this with the ex. If you are buying a child a gift that could impact their family, like if it was affecting the Apple Watch or if they got a pet, both parents may need to agree.

Avoid “together gifts”

Avoid buying joint gifts for your children in the early years after separation, even though it may sound fun. It will create false expectations in the children that their parents will get back together.

It can be rewarding to navigate the gift-giving process in blended families. It may take a little extra effort to ensure fairness and inclusion for all children, but it is worth it. These tips can make things easier and fairer. Use Giftster resources to spread holiday cheer!

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