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According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, there were more than 137 million U.S. households as of 2017. The 137 million households are higher than the 126 million in 2016. These numbers are unsurprising, as many have long aspired to own a home. When you can afford to buy a home, throw a housewarming celebration to celebrate! Don’t forget to bring a housewarming present if you are invited.

Gifts for Homeowners

Housewarmings are a tradition that is different in every country. There are many gift options for those who buy a new house. This is because there’s usually more space, and they don’t need to use the gift immediately. A beautifully engraved cutting board can make a great addition to any kitchen. A cookbook by the favorite chef of the new owner can be a great gift. You can help the new owners mark their space by giving them a family sign.

Renters Gifts

Rent is on the decline, and this has made renting the norm in cities such as Chicago, Seattle, and Baltimore. Renters must consider their options carefully, as they may only stay for a short time and not have much space. Consumables like wine, chocolates, and cheeses make great gifts in these cases. You can give them collapsible laundry storage or collapsible food containers to save space. You can give them something valuable like a first aid kit, dishtowels, or toolkits.

Gifts for those moving away

Housewarming gifts can be given to people who have not yet moved into their “new homes,” such as college students or those moving to a new state. It would be best to keep the gifts practical for them as they may still be moving and not know how much room they have. Gift cards, shampoo bars, and scented candles are small, easy-to-pack gifts. You can give them compact card games such as Cards Against Humanity or Monopoly Deal to help them make friends at their destination.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is given with sincerity. Homeowners, renters, and people moving away prefer to celebrate with you. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a gift. Instead, find something that fits your budget. You can warm their home and their heart without worrying.

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