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Traditions are everywhere. We often follow our cultural practices without thinking. Think about the gifts you give and receive and when you get them. Do you do what everyone else does?

It is not wrong to follow the traditional gift-giving traditions. Traditions can be comforting, gratifying, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to start your tradition and break some old ones. We are about to explore creative alternatives and embrace how technology can transform how we give and find gifts. You might discover some new traditions to share with your family.

Choose a theme to guide your gift-giving each year

Choose a theme when it comes to significant holidays. Think about themes such as “gourmet food,” “subscription box,” or “a city day.” You will be amazed at how inventive and creative these gifts can be.

Use a theme for planning a large vacation: the beach or mountains, Paris, etc. You and your family are asked to choose a gift that someone else could use to maximize their vacation. For example, you might find a pair of binoculars, hiking boots, or a subscription to a language-learning app.

These themes can inspire you to break away from the traditional and develop new ideas.

As a tradition, buy group gifts

It’s not necessary to buy separate gifts for every member of your family. The family can have a great time together by purchasing concert tickets, sports tickets, and memberships at local museums, theme parks, zoos, or zoos.

Spend money on an item that everyone will benefit from. For example, you could buy equipment for your home gym, furniture for a gaming area, or a cabinet for family game nights.

You could give your mother a gift for the entire year. Instead of buying her a gift for her birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, choose a date for her to receive a meaningful present.

Send long-distance Gifts

The internet and social media have made it possible to connect people around the world in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. You can keep in touch with your family even if they live on the opposite side of the globe using e-mails, social media updates, and video calls.

Send these people meaningful gifts using technology. You can buy and send gifts, search for them, and even order them from your smartphone or computer.

Consider these less-traditional and tech-friendly gifts to give anyone to help you save money on international shipping:

A smartphone app subscription

An ebook

Gift cards for online stores

A digital magazine subscription

Gift certificate for a virtual course (cooking, art, or writing).

Online TV/movie/music service: A Year of Experience

You’ll soon have your traditions with long-distance relatives, such as a new application every year.

Reach everyone by using a digital exchange

Gift exchanges are traditionally held at gatherings where everyone is in the same place. Distance doesn’t need to stop you from participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange.

Discover how to start a new tradition of sharing surprises with your loved ones using technology.

Draw names using a digital drawing tool

The traditional way to choose names is by pulling a paper from a bag or hat. This can be tricky if the participants do not live near each other. Alternately one person can draw names and then tell everyone who they “picked,” but the surprise for the host is ruined.

Giftster is an online wishlist creator. It can also generate and organize a Secret Santa gift exchange for you. This unique tool has the following benefits:

The picks of each participant remain entirely confidential

The host can specify exclusions so that couples cannot draw each other.

Wishlists can be created and shared by anyone.

Giftster can be a part of your physical traditions even if you don’t have enough people to do a Secret Santa.

Want to convince your family that an online gift registry is a good idea? Check out.

Host an online meeting to open presents.

Who says you must all be present in the same place to open gifts? Instead, you can all participate in the same video call. Send everyone the wrapped or packaged gifts before the virtual ring.

The rules of the Secret Santa gift exchange still apply. Everyone opens their gift.

Some parents of young children may even enjoy a virtual exchange from time to time. This means that parents don’t have to travel with their children and can muffle their microphones so the kids do not distract another family member from opening a gift.

Create categories to simplify the gift-giving process

Have you heard about the tradition of giving children gifts? They get something they want, need, wear and read. This rhyme is an excellent way to reduce the number of unwanted or unneeded gifts children receive throughout the year.

Try to find something similar. You can create your categories with four or five different types of gifts that you can find.

Here is a list of category ideas


Arts and crafts


Learn more about the Learning Program


Health and Wellness

You can also check out our Fashionable Clothing.

Visit these places


Your kids can also get gift ideas from these categories. The family will appreciate the variety of gift ideas your children have listed. Your kids will be able to request more than a dozen video games.

Switch off technology when you are giving gifts

Modern technology can bring people closer together and cause them to feel separated. Use technology to help you give gifts and spend more time with family members around the globe.

Consider turning off your TV, computer, smartphone, video game console, eReader, tablet, smartwatch, and e-reader when you are all together to enjoy the gift-giving tradition without distractions.

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