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Your boss’ birthday is approaching. Are you about to celebrate your boss’ birthday?

Gifts at the workplace are a generous gesture, mainly if they’re done correctly. It doesn’t have to be generic or severe.

Giftster’s experts have compiled a list of five hilarious birthday gifts for your boss or coworker.

Funny coffee mug

You can easily find funny mugs online for your boss. This clever mug from Amazon lets your boss see how much you value them. They can proudly boast about their work every morning while drinking coffee.

Pair the mugs with a specialty tea or coffee bag as a gift.

The best birthday cards

You can give your boss any gift and pair it up with a hilarious card by BEpaperie from Etsy. You’ll get a few eye rolls if your boss doesn’t laugh.

Gift your boss a birthday card and a gift card to a salon, restaurant, or store you know they love.

A desk toy

Even adults love toys. You can find a Bobble Head, Funko Pop, sand garden, or desktop fidgets.

Amazon has these desktop punching bags. Your boss or coworker will laugh when you give them this gift.


You can give your boss alcohol for several different reasons. You can acknowledge in a humorous way that alcohol makes the job easier or helps employees. You can also provide it as a gift, mainly if you spend much on specialty liquor or wine.

Before you bring alcohol to work, ensure the company’s policy allows it.

The blanket for the cold office

Is your office always a little chilly? A cozy blanket as a birthday gift for your boss or coworker is funny and thoughtful if cold offices are an issue or an inside joke.

Blankets and throws are available in different price ranges, depending on the budget you have set for your gift. You can choose something simple or luxurious.

Birthday gifts for your boss or coworkers? Here are some ideas

Check the company’s policies. Be sure there are no specifics regarding cash or alcohol or a policy prohibiting you from giving gifts to your supervisor.

Keep professional boundaries. Don’t give gifts that are too expensive or cheap. You may appear unethical.

Take into account the recipient’s personality and interests. After working with coworkers or your boss for a few months, you will get to know their personalities. A coworker with no sense of humor will not appreciate a humorous gift.

Buy a birthday gift for a coworker or boss as a group. This will avoid awkward situations and the appearance of favoritism.

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